Regina Buecher Dipl.Heilpäd.(FH) ("Healing Paedagogue"), Germany

Heilpaedagogin – “Healing Paedagogue” is a European profession and means “supporting children with special needs”.

I started as a kindergardener and felt drawn to the children with special needs. So I studied “Heilpaedagogik”. Still it did not feel complete enough. I was looking for some way of supporting human beings that met the whole person and on a very deep level. This search led me to Ray Castellino. When I experienced his work in a couple session, together with my husband, I just knew deep in my core: ”that’s it!” This gentle, deep, mindful and authentic way of meeting and supporting people on their path of life, supporting them to come to a place to live their true inner being, - that's what I want to dedicate my life for. So I did the foundation training with Ray in 1996 - 1999 in Switzerland.

To be able to deepen into Rays work even more I also did a biodynamic craniosacral training with Franklyn Sills and a Polarity training with Michael Schubert. I did any advanced training with Ray he offered over the years and finally I assisted two full training cycles in California from 2004 to 2012. Then finally I had a sense of being deeply rooted in his work, solid enough to teach it and to bring this precious work to Germany.

 That's how this work shows in my present life:

Since 25 years I´m working with families.. My passion is for each member of the family to grow as much as possible into their full potential and also for the whole family to grow into healthy and safe relationships and connections. Families with babies and kids in any age benefit from this work.

 Since 2003 I´m a certified and passionate womb surround leader. Orienting to the bueprint I have a huge trust in the wisdom of each individual´s inner knowing. I love to support the small groups to create a safe surround that supports the people to meet their inner knowing and to grow into their inherent potential, from the inside out. I offer womb surround workshops in German and English, often co - facilitating with Mary Jackson, Klaus Kaeppeli, Klaus Buecher.

 Since 2012 I´m co-teaching Prenatal and Birth Trainings that follow the curriculum of Ray Castellino, together with Klaus Kaeppeli. In 2022 Mary Jackson and I will start to co-teach the next Prenatal and Birth Training in Germany, which will be bilingual, German and English.

 I also love to support professionals through supervision. There I follow the supvervision-protocol from Ray Castellino, which I experience as very effective and essential.  

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