What Are Practitioners Who Work with Adults with Early Trauma

Our earliest layers of experience start preconception, with transgenerational and intergenerational trauma that we know may cross into the future generations. Prenatal and perinatal somatic professionals know how to identify the layers of experience in a person, and lay out a map of the layers in a slow, titrated way. We are also trained to work with pacing, tempo, and support so you can integrate your experience and feel more whole. Adults with earliest trauma often have a combination of shock and developmental trauma, sometimes referred to as complex trauma. We are trained to work with:

  • Preconception issues in ancestral patterns and dynamics
  • Attachment and bonding
  • Self and Co-regulation: The Autonomic Nervous System
  • Conception issues
  • Experiences during the prenatal period (there are many)
  • Physiological birth dynamics
  • Chemical and surgical dynamics around birth
  • After birth dynamics and separations like NICU and PICU stays
  • Blueprint and Imprint dynamics
  • Spiritual aspects of our human lives
  • Accessing the Embryo in Us

And so much more.

Sessions are slow and connected. We operate under The Principles taught by Ray Castellino:

  • Welcome
  • Mutual Support and Cooperation
  • Choice
  • The Pause: Self and Co-Regulation
  • Self Care
  • Brief and Frequent Eye Contact
  • Touch and Attention
  • Confidentiality

For more information about our work, see Free Content in the online schoolroom.

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