A Word about Language, Diversity and Inclusivity

Our PPN field needs a make-over to keep pace with the changes in gender identity and implicit bias made more explicit by the work on racism and discrimination in our world today. I use the word "Mother" and "Birthing Parent" both, to help address the feelings that people have as they identify with these roles in our life. "Mother" has important meanings to many people, and, at the same time "Birthing Parent" is more inclusive, and in fact, "Birthing Person" is most inclusive of all. Where possible, in our explanation of our paradigm, I use the term "they" to represent the baby, as I find it simplist and most inclusive. I align myself with using the correct gender pronouns for all persons, and will make amends to those who feel I have not used correct pronouns, as data shows that this correct use is preventative against mental distress even suicide among transgender people.

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