Welcome to the Baby Diploma Course

Treating babies is some of the most rewarding work you will ever do. The impact you have on their lives is profound because you have the ability of change so much at a pivotal time in their development.

This online course offers two indepth training programs by Jonathan Evans, Osteopath, and 9 live online sessions where you can learn directly from Jonathan, supported by two experienced baby bodyworkers.

The course consists of

  • 9 live online sessions
  • Treating Babies Online course in the Kindred Be Academy
  • Treating the Birth Online course in the Kindred Be Academy

These three different educational offerings will support:

  • Comprehensive History taking (including pregnancy and birth).
  • Follow Up Visit Communication with parents.
  • Full Examination skills - including many specifics like latch and tongue tie.
  • Fast track Protocols for History taking and Treatment.
  • A Comprehensive library of Examination and Treatment techniques
  • Including when and how to treat supine, seated, side lying.
  • Specific Treatment Techniques for the major areas of the body, limbs, trunk, spine, neck, cranium.
  • How to handle, hold and settle baby.
  • How to ensure babies cope with the treatment well.
  • What to do if they don't!
  • Normal birth process
  • What to do when birth gets complicated
  • Treating the birth Tier One
  • Treatment techniques Tier 2 and 3
  • Difficult situations from birth Tier 4

There are even two Fast track anatomy modules for the cranium.

How does this Training Program work?

It focuses on the practical aspects of handling, examining and treating babies, and it uses videos of babies being treated in clinic in order to show you exactly what to do and when.

It's a very comprehensive course that you will come back to time and time again and will form the solid foundational core of your paediatric training.

It is segmented into many splinter videos so that you easily find and access a topic if you need to quick review prior to treating.

You will receive lifetime access to Kindred's courses Treating Babies and Treating the Birth. Your enrollment in those courses begins after our first zoom course. There are 9 modules with over 70 video lessons and PDF downloads. Treating the Birth has 4 modules. If you look into our 9 online sessions, you will see that the course will follow the outline of Treating Babies, then Treating the Birth. You will be give access to online modules for viewing before our next session.

All the online sessions are held in zoom. You will be sent a zoom link before the course begins.

Dates are being set now. We start in September. We will have one zoom session every 3 weeks, completing our program in 26 weeks.

Thank you for your purchase, and we can't wait to get started training as many people as possible to understand how to work with babies.

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