Session Six: Bringing It All Together

This session is set aside for us to revisit any remaining questions about the safe delivery of the Inner Child Process. We will revise how we can utilize the principles of body-memory to provide maximum safety for our clients. If needed, we may also revise the 5 movements (and each of the 20 steps) of the Journey. 

To finish, we will look at how this Inner Child Journey may be used to help parents and elders gain insights about their children’s behaviour, and how to respond to their children. We will also discuss ways in which this Journey

Learning Objectives for Session Six:

  • Gaining competency in how to use the Inner Child Process to help parents, carers and teachers hone their empathic and intuitive understanding of their own children.
  • Understanding the healing dimension of emotionally authentic interpersonal contact
  • Understanding how this Inner Child Process may be used as a tribe-building exercise, in groups.

In each session I will be setting aside some time for your questions. Participants’ questions are often the greatest learning opportunities for the whole group. Since this is a practical, skills based course, I will also be asking you to make the time to practice some of the simple exercises involved in my Inner Child Process, so you can bring your questions, comments and experiences to share in our next session. Some of the practices can be done alone, and some you will need to find a willing partner or client to practice with. (Don’t worry, I’ll make sure the homework does not feel too onerous! I believe learning should be enjoyable and not burdensome). This course will equip you with the theory and practice to introduce an Inner Child healing focus to your work with clients in whatever setting you work.