Session 3: The Sequential Steps of Psycho-Emotional Healing

Presentation: Sequential Healing.

This session looks at seven distinct stages of psycho-emotional development, from in-utero to late adolescence.

We will learn about the core Developmental Needs that belong to each of these seven stages, and the Developmental Nutrients, necessary for healthy psycho-emotional development, that correspond to each of these Developmental Needs. We will also learn about the distinct Emotional Intelligences and relational faculties that we gain when each of these Developmental Needs are met.

Depending on which developmental stage the Developmental Need arises from, these Needs vary thematically, broadly speaking as needs for:

  • Holding
  • Protection
  • Nourishment
  • Nurturance
  • Comforting
  • Security
  • Boundary
  • Freedom of expression
  • Freedom of protest
  • Play
  • Self-regulation
  • Sexual self-expression
  • Vocational mentorship
  • …and more.

The Inner Child Journey helps us identify one of these unmet Developmental Needs and then find an adult-appropriate way of meeting it. 

We will also explore the human body’s ‘Developmental Template’ - our in-built, pre-programmed ability to recognize the Developmental Nutrient we need at any time, once we perceive it. Our bodies give us discernible signals, via physical sensations, postural or respiratory changes to let us know when our needed Nutrient is within reach. Learning to listen to and trust these signals is key to moving forward in healing and growth.

The ‘Wishing Question’ is the most pivotal and empowering moment in the Inner Child Journey. We will learn how to assist our clients in identifying their Inner Child’s triggered need, and how to move towards fulfilling this developmental need (in other words: finding the right developmental nutrient) in an adult-appropriate manner.

Learning objectives for Session Three:

  • Understanding the seven childhood-and-adolescent stages of core, psycho-emotional development  
  • Understanding the developmental needs that belong to each of these stages
  • Understanding the developmental nutrients required to meet these needs.
  • Exploring a number of approaches to fulfilling our unmet – or incompletely met – developmental needs, in our daily lives.