Session Five: A Deeper Look At The Inner Child

Session Five: Developmental Nutrients for the Inner Child

In this session we will look at how to identify, create or provide adult-appropriate Developmental Nutrient-experiences to meet the unresolved Developmental Needs highlighted by the Inner Child Journey. We will also look at how to make the Nutrients stick. We will hear a variety of anecdotal examples, in particular, examples from somatic psychotherapy practices and relationship psychotherapy. 

Much of this session will be interactive, therefore some of the content will be generated by the nature of your interests and your questions.

Often, the client gets stuck at the Wishing Question, unable to identify the object of their Developmental Need. We will examine a number of approaches to making safe and unobtrusive suggestions. We will also discuss the role of rehearsal or practice in neuroplasticity: how to reinforce newly-learned interpersonal skills until they become habitual and accessible.

Lastly, we will explore four healing-and-growth accelerators: repetition, focused attention, feeling and novelty.

Learning Objectives for Session Five:

  • Gaining fluency in identifying helpful Developmental Nutrients to match Developmental Needs
  • Understanding the neuroplasticity involved in learning new habits, skills and behaviours