Session Four: A Deeper Look at the Inner Child Journey

In this session we revise the steps of the Inner Child Journey, taking a deeper look at the purpose of each of the 5 Movements in the Journey:

  • ‘Looking Inwards’
  • ‘Tracing Back’
  • ‘The Wishing Question’
  • ‘Healing the Parent’
  • ‘Connecting with the child’.

There will be an opportunity for a break-out session, in which you will each pair up with another practitioner and  take turns guiding each other through the short-and-light version of the Journey. There will be time for questions.

A final note about how we can bring Inner Child Awareness gracefully into conversations with our clients, even if we don’t take them through a formal Inner Child Journey.

Learning Objectives for Session Four:

  • Gaining further competency and experience in the use of the Inner Child Process
  • Learning to hold safe and non-intrusive Inner Child aware conversations with clients
  • Understanding how the therapist’s curiosity and empathy completes many of the client’s Inner Child needs.