Session One: The Neuropsychology of the Inner Child

A discussion of the basic neuropsychological and evolutionary-psychology concepts underpinning the Process.

This will include an exploration of the neuro-psychological basis for the following:

  • Body-memory (implicit memory)
  • Projection
  • Triggers, and state-dependent body-memory
  • Psychological regression

We will look at why Inner Child awareness is so important for all parents, teachers, and anyone with children in their lives.

Finally, we will explore the developmental nature of psycho-emotional healing, understanding that healing is not random: it follows a developmental sequence that corresponds to the psycho-emotional developmental stages of childhood and adolescence. We will see that our psychological wounds can be understood as incomplete developmental sequences from childhood (unmet or incompletely met core developmental needs).

Learning objectives for Session One:

  • To understand the neuropsychological principles that underpin the ‘Inner Child’ experience.
  • To understand the nature of projection and how body-memory clouds our perception.
  • To gain a preliminary understanding of how we can free our present-moment perception from past associations. 
  • To understand the neuro-sequential nature of psychological healing
  • To gain a basic understanding of how psychological wounding pertains to specific, unmet psycho-emotional needs from one of the distinct childhood stages of core, psycho-emotional development.