Episode 11: Midwife Kimm Sun: Perinatal Trauma Prevention and Treatment



Kimm Sun is a New York City midwife who has developed a comprehensive approach to prenatal care that effectively addresses the mental wellness of her clients along with their physical health. Her birth team uses Havening to clear past trauma, alleviate stress, and build resilience so that women can move through labor and motherhood in the healthiest emotional state possible. 

Pregnant women will experience different levels of stress, uncertainty or upheaval, some manageable and some extremely debilitating. They frequently turn to their caregivers, such as their midwives for help. As a certified trainer, Kimm has worked with founders of the Havening Technique to design a perinatal Havening course, and to teach this remarkable technique to all birth professionals. This includes doulas, nurses, doctors, lactation consultants, childbirth educators, physical therapist, social workers, and mental health therapists.

Her mission is to advocate for a supported and safe childbirth through a holistic and human approach that is the hallmark of Havening.  

Kimm also founded The Human Birth Project and The Intact Birth, social media platforms that engage women and inform them about their bodies and their choices.


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