Episode 5: Ancestral Healing with Tamira Cousett and Elsa Asher

Episode 5: Ancestral Healing with Tamira Cousett and Elsa Asher

Please join me in listening to this fascinating discussion about ancestral healing with practitioners Tamira Cousett and Elsa Asher. There is a focus on wellness, connection and belonging that come into our discussion of what ancestral healing can mean. They both have fascinating stories and a unique point of view that is important as we support people to come into relationship with their families and histories in a positive, supportive way. 

 They are offering a workshop here in Virginia at the end of the month: Ancestral Medicine Intensive and Elsa and I are offering special womb surround to heal ancestral imprints.

Elsa is a practitioner and teacher of somatics and ritual with a specialty in healing developmental and intergenerational trauma. They are a biodynamic craniosacral therapist and ordained Koheneh (Hebrew ritual leader). Elsa holds a Master’s of Science degree in Narrative Medicine from Columbia University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Healing and the Humanities from Antioch University. They have been an associate professor of Narrative Medicine at Columbia University and Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine, and presented workshops at various universities and conferences. 

Elsa was born and grew up on Duwamish land, and is queer and non-binary. Their ancestors are yidden (Jews) recently from Podolia and Poltava in the Pale of Settlement (Ukraine) and England, with earlier roots in Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, and Canaan before that; Scot-Irish settlers who lived on occupied Tsalagi land (Kentucky), and settlers from Sapmi (northern Scandinavia) who lived on occupied Oceti Sakowin land (North and South Dakota).

 Tamira  is the grandchild of ancestors from West Africa and the Irish and  British Isles by way of Alabama, Ohio, and Indiana. She grew up  primarily in Atlanta, in a loving Muslim family under the guidance and  love of powerful women namely her mother, aunties and grandmas. 

As  an ancestral healing practitioner, she is committed to the  exploration of reclaiming ancestral relationships and ritual in service  to personal wellness and greater cultural healing. She is dedicated to  co-weaving inclusive healing spaces which celebrate all forms of  ancestral diversity and foster intergenerational connections across  space and time. She  is blessed to make her home on traditional Catawaba & Eno territory  with her partner, 2 children and four-legged companions.

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Bonus:  A Meditation from Tamira

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