Episode 8: John Chamberlain and Grit with Grace

For the past 5 decades John C. Chamberlain has engaged, connected and managed community groups and businesses with his leadership and strategic thinking. A serial entrepreneur since his youth, he currently advises early stage enterprises how to form and grow into scaled mass market operations. He attended Andover and Princeton where he honed his fascination with the intersection of humankind and technology. From water purification to nuclear, wind, and magnetic motor power generation, this theme continues to intrigue him through ventures that leverage technologies to make lives better. He is a popular public speaker and for the past 20 years has specialized in strategic solutions for citizen engagement in legislative advocacy. Chamberlain has managed billion-dollar commercial real estate and helped run a global nonprofit with students in 40 countries. His unique branding and strategic planning skills have resulted in record-setting sales. His convergent thinking creates refreshing solutions to long-standing unsolved problems. His sense of proportion and practical implementation inspires his clients to gain and hold the leading edge of their markets.

Contact: Contact: JC Chamberlain 703-597-4029 [email protected], http://gritwithgrace.life

David Chamberlain's papers: http://www.dbchamberlainphd.com

Poem by John from the Podcast:

Binding Curve

gratitude flows from whence it came

no longer do we sink into blame

weaving together threads of caring

into a mental note of warmly sharing

this abundant life

overcoming pitfalls and strife

to pull through together as one

along the binding curve of the sun

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