About Lois Trezise

Lois Trezise is a certified midwife who lives in Vermont. She has been licensed since 1978 as a nurse midwife and holds a Bachelor of Arts, Associate Degree in Nursing, Masters in Midwifery, and current Prepared Childbirth Educator and Lactation Consultant certificates. For more than 40 years, Lois has been passionate about the field of midwifery, self hypnosis, childbirth education, and pre/perinatal health and wellness.  

She has collaborated with Kate White since 2002 and hopes to share information from these fields with maternity care providers in order to prevent and treat trauma related to childbirth for mothers and babies.


·                    BA in languages-Allegheny College (1970)

·                    Midwifery Training-University of Besançon, France and Booth Maternity Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1973-78)

·                    Masters in Midwifery-Stony Brook University (2005)

·                    Hypnosis Certification –American Society for Clinical Hypnosis (2007)

·                    Certified Lactation Consultant- 2010-present

·                    Prepared Childbirth Educator- PCE -2009-present


·                    Staff nurse midwife at Booth Maternity Center -4 years

·                    Director rural homebirth practice in New York State -6 years

·                    Clinical midwife and Director of September Hill Birth Center, Montour Falls, New York -5 years

·                    Staff midwife at the Four Seasons Midwifery /Brattleboro Ob/Gyn Practice in Brattleboro, Vermont -14 years.

·                    Teacher of childbirth preparation featuring self hypnosis and pre and perinatal information.  

·                    Consultant for the postpartum nursing, home visiting service of the Winston Prouty Center, Brattleboro, Vt.- (breastfeeding assistance is principle focus)