About Preventing and Healing Early Imprints

Over twenty years ago, I had a client remember her birth on my massage table. I had just graduated as a Biodynamic craniosacral therapist and I had just had my first baby. She had come for care after a frightening experience, referred by her psychotherapist. After she filled out my intake form, she responded to the question I had asking about her birth process. As a craniosacral therapist we are trained to ask about compression patterns in the cranium related to the birth process. She said to me, "I think that my birth is the reason for my lifelong depression. I want to heal that, and I want to heal it with you." At the time, I did not know that people could actually remember their births, or that birth memories could be stored in the body.

My client explained that she was a large breech baby (feet first) in the 1930's. When birth started, her mother started to hemorrhage, and word went out to her father in the waiting room that mother and baby were going to die. So the baby, my client, turned herself around during birth, and in doing so, saved her life and her mother's life. During sessions, she often processed her feet, how they were in the way, and how she had to get out. While I was holding her in the craniosacral therapy, I began to have panic attacks. What was this? It turned out to be a birth memory of my own that was triggered by her process. It turned out that I was also a large breech baby with a near death experience. I have been exploring every in of prenatal and perinatal healing ever since.

Yes, babies can remember their birth, and children and adults, too. This profoundly physical experience is stored in our bodies. We all have this memory, called an "imprint;" we have all been born. Prenatal and perinatal psychology has been able to identify layers of early experience, including:

  • Transgenerational, intergenerational and preconception experiences
  • Conception
  • Discovery of pregnancy, implantation
  • Prenatal experiences
  • Birth interventions and processes
  • Attachment and bonding
  • Parents and family systems
  • Culture and society

We are all shaped by these early experiences:

Prevention and Healing

The courses represented here are for you to learn about prenatal and perinatal healing from the unique perspective of the baby, and from the possibility of prevention and healing of earliest trauma. The skills necessary are taught in a variety of our courses, especially the Integrated Prenatal and Perinatal Dynamics course. Read, view and enjoy our courses!