About This Lecture

About This Lecture: In this lecture, Kate and Lois talk about the work they developed combining trauma prevention and resolution with midwifery model of care.

  • Prenatal Education
  • Maternal Stress , Depression, Anxiety
  • Preparation here for birth and postpartum
  • Keeping Women Company, the Doula Presence
  • Massage and Other Somatic Therapies
  • Listening to Mothers, Storytelling and Recovery
  • Group Education as Community Building
  • Supporting Families

We present our holistic model of care:

  • Holistic Paradigm
  • Prenatal Education
  • Stress Relief During Pregnancy
  • Labor and Delivery Education and Support
  • Postpartum Services for Mothers
  • Integrated Health Services to Help Women and Babies Recover
  • Giving Families the Best Possible Start
  • Helping Them Make Connections As a Family