Welcome to Understanding Sleep and Your Baby's Experience
with Eliza Parker, Conscious Baby

Many parents feel anxiety and pressure about their baby’s sleep, but don’t resonate or have success with common solutions. If your child seems to fight sleep or cries beyond needs, you’re not doing anything wrong.

Babies are highly aware and have many innate abilities, which must be honored. To truly understand what’s going on and help your child sleep, you must see the whole picture from your baby’s perspective. This allows you to find and meet underlying needs.

In this course, you will find out why there is no one magic solution to “train” or solve all sleep problems. Your baby is a whole person, and sleep is a state; to help them sleep, we must help their state of being so they can relax more deeply. Then sleep will come naturally.

In this course, we will address physical, emotional, and mental/spiritual elements of your baby’s experience, as applied to sleep.

This baby sleep course includes three classes:

Class 1: The Emotional Key: Stress Release – Why stress builds up, how babies naturally release it so they can relax, and why this is not a bad thing

Class 2: The Core Key: Processing Birth and Early Experiences – The least recognized, yet most pivotal part of understanding your child’s experience, and the most common factor behind sleep struggles

Class 3: The Physical Key: Baby-led Milestones and Handling Tips – Babies develop habits by how we hold and move them, which has the potential to unintentionally trigger their body-brain into high alert or to calm them

PLUS Bonus Lecture

You’ll learn how to turn all these aspects of sleep into precious gems and opportunities for connection. While we’ll apply this information to sleep, the benefits reach far beyond sleep and the first few years into every aspect of communication, behavior, and your ongoing lives together.

Appropriate for expectant families, parents of babies and toddlers until turning 3, as well as birth professionals.

All classes were held in zoom technology and recorded. You will have lifelong access to the recordings.

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