Class Format

Each Class will be held in Zoom Online Communication Software

You can download this software at It can be used on computer, tablet or telephone.

As a class participant, here is what you can expect:

  • Writings important to the class topics will be published connected with the listing below and available to you before the day of class.
  • There will be one or two check-in questions with each story.
  • We will begin each session with those check-in questions, addressed by the limited number of people who volunteer (no more than 6)
  • Michael will lecture and highlight parts of the stories, emphasizing a principle or two.
  • He will ask the audience for personal experiences with the principle or the example just highlighted.
  • The conversation will unfold along the lines of the people and experiences they have had.
  • We will end each class with a check-out, usually with questions like, "What am I taking away from today?" addressed by as many as 6 participants.