Reflective Conversations: Moving Beyond Obstacles to Human Connection

Health care is the work we chose. Why did we choose it? Who are we that we would run headlong into such work? Most of us even sacrificed a lot to get here. It is a paradox that our work includes so many painful moments of the human experience and still ends up being somehow, profoundly beautiful. That is true in “ordinary” times and most definitely true in this era of crisis and the pandemic. This contradiction is a lot for any one person to hold; it’s even more for a person to effectively make sense of, to sort out. It’s quite a paradox. Not very many of us can do that kind of reconciling in isolation. 

Perhaps a driving force for some of us is a desire to be part of something meaningful, something bigger than ourselves, something that makes a difference, something beautiful. Perhaps it’s an old value taught by our grandmother. Perhaps it arises from a desperate need to “fix”.  

In this session, we will consider how we got into this work, what drives us, what might be in the way of using the therapeutic relationship are the foundation of our everyday work. We will talk with each other about the barriers we have discovered, the stories that carry us through, the secrets of our coping. We hope these conversations will help us transcend our separateness, and help us overcome our obstacles.                 

Readings: See Me as a Person, (Koloroutis and Trout,2012)

                      Pages 323-378 Reflective Practice: The means by which learning becomes permanent.