Wondering and Following for Safe and Compassionate Care

Wondering is grounded in curiosity and genuine interest in the other. It leads to discovery of data available only to those whose minds are open and clear and unencumbered by assumptions. We wonder in order to know the other in novel ways, in ways that often lead to a better understanding of the condition of the person and the course of their illness. As a result of wondering, new discoveries are made, new hypotheses can be developed and tested. Strangely, science is advanced at the same time the relationship is enhanced. 

When we wonder, we miss less and notice more. 

Following is the practice of quiet listening and attending to the tone, the rhythm, and flow of a person’s words as much as to their content. When we wonder and follow we learn and act on what is important to the person, what is important to family members, what is important to deal with in order for healing to have a chance. When we wonder and follow we meet the person exactly where they are without a rush to fix.  

Readings: See Me as a Person, (Koloroutis and Trout,2012)

           Pages 93-128 Wondering: Cultivating curiosity for efficient and compassionate care

           Pages 129-173 Following: The magic of palpation