What you'll learn in this course

There are times when the journey of being a parent can almost feel like it is breaking us. But if we know how to read these moments of challenge and overwhelm, we see something new: we see that the journey is breaking us … open! Understanding the developmental needs of our own Inner Child can transform the times of parental stress, helplessness and conflict into doorways to the greatest personal growth and healing journey of our lives. 

If you are a counsellor, therapist or parent-coach, and you’d like to learn how to facilitate Inner Child Journeys safely and effectively as part of your practice, this course will equip you with evidence-based skills and competency in my approach to Inner Child Journeying.

My approach to Inner Child Journeying has brought vital and transformative changes to clients and workshop participants around the world for many years. The many obstacles and blind-alleys that parents and teachers commonly face in child-rearing will often have something to do with old emotional wounds that have been triggered in the adult. Without this insight, what we say or do for our children can too-often miss the mark. But compassionate self-awareness gives us more gifts than we might imagine. The more closely we know our Inner Child, the more intuitive we become about what our children need. Moreover, we discover that even the most painful or frustrating challenges brought to us by our children are rich opportunities for our own healing and growth. This Inner Child Process offers a safe, step-by-step method for contacting the deep feelings, thoughts and wisdom of the Child that lives in all of us, clearing a path for healing and personal unfoldment.

  • Help your clients develop their natural insight, intuition and compassion as parents
  • Help your clients become more effective and attuned as parents
  • Help your clients to differentiate between their own projections vs their children’s real needs
  • Help your clients make sense of their own childhood experiences and how these have affected their parenting style
  • Turn your clients’ parenting challenges into opportunities for personal healing and growth
  • Use this Inner Child Process for Couples Therapy, and a whole host of other contexts involving healing and personal growth

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