From Robin Grille:

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Inner Child Journeys training course for practitioners.

We are soon to set off on a very unique adventure together; a shared inner journey that will help you access new wisdom and insights that lay in wait for your attention, a journey that will touch the heart in new places and forge a deeper connection with your Self, with each other and with significant people in your life.

I get excited about sharing this Journey, I love being a tour guide and I love the twists and turns of this universally shared, core developmental path. Our collective evolutionary history makes the stages of our emotional development universal; joining us as a human family and giving us a window of understanding and compassion. It never ceases to amaze me how this Inner Child Journey liberates the human spirit and makes closer relationships possible.

As a practitioner, this course will help you feel equipped as a Journey guide for others. You will learn how to weave Inner Child awareness in and out of your therapeutic dialogues with ease, trusting your natural curiosity. You will witness wonders unfold for your clients - and for yourself: since your best practice will spring from using the Journey regularly to work through your own relationship issues.

Before we begin our course, I strongly recommend you read my book: ‘Inner Child Journeys - how our children grow us up’. It can be purchased from all major online bookstores. Familiarizing yourself with this book will make a huge difference to your enjoyment of the course and your ability to plumb its depths.

As you begin to deploy the Inner Child Process in your work life - with your clients, with the groups you run - it’s quite possible that new questions may arise. Support will be available: I am on hand to provide online supervision sessions. Reviewing relevant sections of the book will also be of service to you.

Above all, my wish is that you find pleasure and even exhilaration in the use of this Inner Child Process. It is such a wonderful way to share not just our stories, but their profoundly formative meaning; revealing for all of us our magnificent capacity to survive, adapt, renew and learn. Moreover, for all of us our story is still without an end, even our next chapter remains unwritten. Contacting and decoding our developmental needs – the Inner Child’s ‘wish’ – illuminates our way forward with clarity and energy. The Process empowers us to be co-authors of our own unfolding story, the story of our children, our communities and the greater human family. 

I am very much looking forward to meeting you, hearing your story, receiving your questions.

The course is online and will be held over 6 weeks. In the US, the days/time will be June 12 - July 17, 2024, Wednesdays in the US, and June 13 - July 18, 2024 in Australia, 7:30 - 9:30 Eastern US time on Wednesdays, 9:30 - 11:30 am Sydney time Thursdays in Australia. Each class will be 2 hours long on zoom, and you must attend session 5 live to receive your certificate. Kate White and Bret Harris will be our coordinators. You will find more information about each class in the online module.




Welcome to the 6 session live online course with Robin Grille.

The course is online and will be held over 6 weeks.

This course offers:

  • 12 hours of instruction in a 6 pack of classes
  • Live, interactive, experiential classes with Robin Grille
  • New tools to help parents and yourself
  • Handouts and skills

Kate White and Bret Harris will be your administrators. Please contact her with questions at [email protected].


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