Welcome to Advanced Somatic Resolution Skills for Perinatal Trauma

You are enrolled in a four-day course that took place at Mason Hall, Bozeman, MT in November 2022. Recordings of all four days of the workshop have been uploaded into an online module along with the handouts for lifelong access. This online module houses descriptions and additional materials.

There are 28 videos in all, covering all four days and broken up into 10-18 minute sections for easier viewing.

About the Course

Somatic trauma resolution practitioners are ideally trained to specialize in helping to prevent and heal birth trauma. Healing from these early imprints can be a game changer for healthy human development. In this workshop you will learn advanced somatic resolution skills for treating perinatal trauma. Treating birth trauma is more complex than shock trauma; it often brings up earlier and developmental traumas. It involves many people: the birthing parent, other parent or partner, the baby, and the birthing staff.

This workshop applies quintessential somatic skills to healing birth trauma:

  • Medicalized Birth Trauma
  • The Shock of Witnessing
  • Working with a Birthing Timeline (single episode) in relationship to the body
  • Restoring Primitive Survival Responses to Overwhelming Situations
  • Attack and Assault
  • Near Death
  • Injury and Recovery
  • Repairing Relationship to Essential Self, Supportive Other, and World

Description of the Four Days:

Day One: Introductions and Understanding the Birth Sequence

  • Overview presentation
  • Skills: Getting a birth history: Working with the Layers of Experience
  • Understanding Interventions
  • Demo: Working with the stuck place, creating strength based work
  • Recording of a session with a woman
  • Practice and Harvest

Day Two: The Impact of Interventions Part One

  • Establishing a Felt Sense of Goodness: Demo and practice
  • Restoring Intuition, just like in other trauma
  • Slowing the Pace: Pausing and Allowing: Review of the Leading Edge
  • Skills of ANS tracking
  • Understanding Interventions: T Model and Birth Trauma, Inescapable Attack
  • Demo and Practice

 Day Three: The Impact of Interventions Part Two

  • Assault, Medical Trauma, Horror and Near Death
  • Restoring defensive gestures
  • Honoring the “no”
  • Restoring after deep freeze
  • Near death, touch strategies
  • Vu and Push
  • Recording, Demo and Practice

 Day Four: Earliest Trauma and Our Spiritual Essence

  • Tracking Birth Trauma is Complex
  • Story: The Baby Told Me
  • Working with Babies
  • Creating Messages of Repair and the Holding Healing Story
  • Reparation for the Clinician

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