Welcome to the Community Prenatal and Perinatal Somatics Lab! Our intention is to educate and support the experience of prenatal and perinatal somatics with special 2 hour classes. Our teachers, Kate White and Frank Carbone, and special guests are fluent in early dynamics and want to offer opportunities to dip into our Blueprint and touch our Imprints.

The experiential sessions will explore prenatal and perinatal somatics in a community that is diverse, inclusive, creative using multiple modalities. These sessions are 2 hours on specific Wednesdays, 2-4 pm Eastern time June 26 through October 23 2024 as a pilot (see dates below), and part of our new Advanced Bodywork in Prenatal and Perinatal Somatics. Kate, Frank and a talented team are assembling to bring to the therapeutic world a somatic oasis that will combine:

  • Embodiment Meditations
  • Embryo explorations and practices
  • Blueprint and Imprint experiential exercises and information
  • Continuum
  • And Table work, with 5 different kinds of touch and a way to work with earliest trauma.

Anyone can come to our Community PPN Somatic Lab. Are you drawn to working somatically with early imprints? We are evolving the paradigm. Come join us!

Our themes include

  • Introduction to Prenatal and Perinatal Somatics
  • 5 Practitioner Skills
  • The Sequence
  • The Principles
  • The Embryo and Embryonic Practices
  • Embryo Qi
  • Womb Continuum
  • Umbilicas
  • Blueprint and Imprint
  • The Baby’s Experience
  • Autonomic nervous system stress and threat responses
  • Womb as Resource
  • Sound essence of practice, practicing using sound
  • Preconception Access and Somatic Awareness
  • The Power of the Placenta
  • Breath, Birth and Movement

This Pilot Series will be: Dates in 2024:

  • June 26: Intro, Lineage, Womb Continuum, Umbilical Cord
  • July 24: Blueprint and Imprint: Blueprint Practice (Presence and Pleasure)
  • August 28: Embryo Practice, Womb Continuum, One Cell Meditation
  • September 25: Decompressing Early Layers: Skills of Recognition and Continuum Sound
  • October 23: Preconception Access and Somatic Awareness
  • No classes in Nov and Dec

Come to a Free Talk by Frank Carbone April 29 at 7PM EDT:

Enter the Womb Continuum: An Exploration of Creative Embryology and the Essential Sequence from Preconception to the Present Moment

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"I experienced life changing moments in my Continuum exploration of being a single cell in my mother’s womb. The Continuum dive was during a five day WombContinuum workshop with Frank.

At the start of my journey, I discovered I was in a vast space. It was peacefull and still. It was awe inspiring. This was the sacred space within my mother. I was part of it and we were together in harmonic union. I felt so close to her in a way that I had never been in my life while she was alive. It filled me with joy. I had received what I always wanted and needed: a deep emotional connection with mom where love was fruit of our union. I floated in this seamless loving energy where time had no boundaries. It is a space that has always existed between us and will always exist. I only needed to stop and tune into it.

Since the workshop ended, I have continued to visit this sacred space. My heart has been opened and tenderized through these experiences. I have found a new comfort within myself!"

- Eddie Rockett, Qigong Master Teacher, Santa Barbara, CA

Your Instructor

Kate White and Frank Carbone
Kate White and Frank Carbone

Kate White is an award-winning educator and an advanced bodyworker. She is trained in somatic therapies, prenatal and perinatal somatic health, lactation, brain development, infant mental health, and has specialized in parent-baby dyad care using somatic prevention and trauma healing approaches for nearly 25 years. She is a mother of two children, holds a BA and MA in Communication, is a Registered Craniosacral Therapist in the Biodynamic Craniosacral method and a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner. Her work combines somatic trauma healing, energetic therapies, bodywork, pediatric therapies and education about the nervous system to help give families with babies and small children the best possible start. She is Founding Director of Education for the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health where from 2013 – 2019 she created and ran the Prenatal and Perinatal Educator Certificate program, a large online educational program for professionals. She went on to found Prenatal and Perinatal Healing Online and the Prenatal and Perinatal Somatics Institute. She teaches classes online and in person, and offers a training called Integrated Prenatal and Perinatal Dynamics. She has a private practice in Charlottesville, VA called Belvedere Integrated Healing Arts (belvederearts.com) and offers her own seminars through the Center for Prenatal and Perinatal Programs, ppncenter.com

Frank offers support and guidance in experiential and creative ways to explore movement and deep healing in an embryonic journey from the inside. Tracking and reflecting the sensations of being held in a womb created in a field of co creative bio resonate expression of fluid and its restorative capacity to dissolve and return to form. We can connect to all fluid systems and mysterious slow rhythms of our ever creative embryo.
Frank is also a Singer and a Songwriter, DJ, and a Gyrotonic Instructor. Frank grew up in NYC and has been conducting Womb Continuum Process Workshops worldwide, as well a one on one practice in Ojai California and New York. See more about him at wombcontinuum.com

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This is a pilot course that is a monthly gathering from June to October 2024
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling in all 5 sessions, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I only want to take 1 class?
You are able to take one class but you will not have access to the recording forever. We will send you a link from Vimeo, and you will have 1 week to watch it. No downloads are available.

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