Welcome Letter

Welcome to The Embryo in Us - Human as Embryo!

You are about to become part of a remarkable journey to understand some of the deeper mysteries of being human. Jaap van der Wal will lead you through with his deep passion, presence and years of study weaving together polarity, spirituality and embryology. You will never again look at human development the same way when you are through with The Embryo in Us course. Mind-changing!

This is a recording of a LIVE course that Jaap van der Wal completed in June 2021. You will have access for 6 months to view the recordings. You will find:

Course Contents:

Day One: The Undivided Embryo

  • The Body that we ARE
  • The Language of the Body
  • The Embryo in Us-Shaping the Body

Day Two: The Polarity Embryo

  • Life as the In-Between
  • In the Beginning, Cosmos & Chaos
  • First Week, The Angels Landing

Day Three: Threefold Embryo

  • From Vegetable to Animal Life
  • Birth - Incarnation, Creating the Inner
  • The Animate Body: Being Aware

Day Four: The Universal Embryo

  • It's All About Two and the Third
  • Human - Coming to Yourself
  • Human, The Embryo of Freedom

We have course materials for you that you can download from a dropbox that include the powerpoint, animations, and extra materials. Here is that link:


We so welcome you to this course. We know you will enjoy it! The course has been presented for decades, and maybe hundreds of times, but this time it's special! It is The Embryo online for the first time!

Jaap Van Der Wal and Kate White

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