What's In This Section?

Come in a listen to talks with Kate White, MA, BCBMT, RCST, CEIM, SEP and Lois Trezise, CNM about their model of preparing families for childbirth, welcoming them as they cross the threshold as a family, and treating them if there was any difficulty during birth. Each talk will have a short didactic sequence about a topic within the prenatal and perinatal period such as preconception, conception, prenatal experiences, birth patterns, supported attachment, and working with babies and families.

Kate brings her many years of experience and training in prenatal and perinatal somatic healing, and Lois brings her over 35 years experience attending births as a midwife in many settings.They began working together in 2003 and found that the midwife/somatic healing professional is an ideal combination of professional support to give families the best possible start. They prepared families together. Lois caught the baby and Kate caught the family.This series is a precursor to their training, integrated Prenatal and Perinatal Dynamics, a NEW training that will train birth workers and somatic therapists to build a collaborative practice as well as individual skills to promote optimal health for human development from the very start. 6 lectures. 1.5 hours long. Handouts included.

Talk 1: Answering the Call

Talk 2: Preconception Dynamics

Talk 3: Conception Dynamics

Talk 4: Implantation, Discovery, and First Trimester Dynamics

Talk 5: 2nd and 3rd Trimester Intrauterine Constraint

Talk 6: Physiologic Birth and the Birth Sequence