April and May Description


Simultaneous Condensing and Expanding Yield is a whole-body pattern of fetal rhythm that underlies unity of movement of the trunk, arms, and legs. It incorporates movement in all three planes: bowing, wrapping, and spiraling. Expanding and condensing is an underlying principle in the practice of qigong and tai chi. Within a whole-body pattern, the principle of “pulsing” engages the joints and soft tissue for a fuller body sense. Principles are applied to a variety of simple-to-do qigong movement forms.


During our embryological process, we created our yolk sac and external sea of qi. It invaginates to form the front body, the gut tube and related structures, lungs, liver, and pancreas. The small intestine is the location of our dan tien or internal sea of qi. Breathing into the abdominal spaces, particularly the omental bursa, yields a pathway into the dan tien. This embryological breathing practice will be included in some simple-to-do movement forms.