Embryology Qigong: Ectoderm Meets Upper Dantian

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November 7th - December 12th, 2022 (6 sessions)

10:30 - 11:50 AM (EST)

We will consider our early embodiment of space. During our formative embryological process, we created our ectoderm, amniotic sac, and external sea of qi. Our embryonic ectoderm gives rise to our skin, spinal cord, and brain. Our upper dantian is in the area of our brain and relates to our sense of time, space, and spirit.

The upper dantian and lower dantian can align and balance the longitudinal axis of our central channel. One intention of accessing qi is to come into relationship with and cultivate the physical, emotional, and energetic being. With practice, we develop our relationship with these aspects.

One element of practice is developing our sense of ground (earth) in the lower dantian to balance excessive energy rising to the upper dantian. As we develop earth energy in the body, mind, and bone marrow, we draw excess energy down from our brain and nervous system for somatic ease and comfort. We will consider methods of embryonic breathing to connect the lower and upper dantians to balance these two centers. Connecting these centers provides energetic stability and orientation to our central channel.

One intention of qi-relationship is to cultivate the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of our being. Developmental, movement and embryological principles of Body-Mind Centering© will be applied to simple-to-do qi-movement forms and embryonic breathing practice.

Original embryology illustrations are included with the live course.

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Bob Lehnberg
Bob Lehnberg

In 1990, Bob Lehnberg received his certification as Practitioner of Body-Mind Centering® (BMCsm) and in 2002 Teacher of Body-Mind Centering. Since then Bob has received teacher certifications for BMC Yoga, Integral Yoga and Supreme Science of Qigong. He has been teaching in schools of massage therapy and programs of somatic training since 1990 and has had the good fortune to teach BMC and somatic practices throughout the US and internationally in Europe, Canada, China, and Taiwan.

Bob is a co-founder of Kinesthetic Learning Center in Durham, NC and has been on faculty teaching and coordinating the BMC Somatic Movement Educator (SME) and Practitioner certification programs since 2007. He is coordinator of SME courses for Esprit en Mouvement in Montreal, Canada and is Co-director of the SME program in Taitung, Taiwan.

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